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Everyone has their favorite apps. No, I'm not talking about appetizers at a restaurants. You most likely use your phone every day & why not put it to good use? 

For us, we wanted a way to save money on our purchases at the grocery store. Coupons are definitely still a must for us, but it is old school. Plus, I double up on coupons and using the app. 

My greatest accomplishment was getting Unsweetened Almond-milk for .50 cents one day! I was beyond excited! 

Okay, so what is this app? Trust me, I know you've heard of it, but you probably thought it was useless. 



Yes, a lot of people say, "it doesn't save you that much money", "they never have any good coupons", etc etc.We have heard it all! Here is our breakdown for you.

1. You Need To Give It Time 

Typically you're only saving $5-$10 a month, but that is $5-$10 added to your "freedom" fund! If you have an issue with that, then this isn't for you. But it is worth it! You have to have the right mindset for saving & your end goal. 

2. It Does Take Time To Navigate The App

It did take us a little bit to get the handle of the app, but now we are done within 2 minutes or less when adding purchases. Also, you will want to look ahead of time at what offers each store has.

For example, occasionally Meijer (our local store) has Halo Top ice cream $1.00 off on Ibotta, plus the same week they were on $1.00 off at the store. This means we bought Halo Top for $2.99 instead of $4.99! 

3. People Forget About Other Perks

Ibotta is more than just your groceries. I bought a new phone off Groupon through Ibotta and got $25 back! Don't forget to check out what offers you can redeem at other stores, restaurants, etc. But you must buy it through the Ibotta app.

4. Check How Many Times You Can Use The Coupon

Another great feature is that some offers you can use multiple times in one receipt. For example, back to my Halo Top, we were able to redeem it up to 3 times on the same receipt (so if we bought three, we would get $1 back for each of them now just one) 

5. You Can Team Up

Add your friends to Ibotta. When you and your friends complete different offers or so many offers in a period of time you can ALL earn bonuses! Grab your friends and get started. 


In our opinion, this app is worth it. We have found it has saved us money in so many ways especially when using it with store coupons as well! It is like having double coupons (which is almost impossible in Michigan because we have different rules about double/triple coupons). 

-Save Away!


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