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More and more people are turning to the internet to shop. Who doesn't love avoiding lines, traffic, and having more time? Plus, you search what you want and can find it 10x faster than in the store! 

I discovered a website extension & website to receive cash back while you shop online! I wasn't sure at first to be honest, but I'll try anything to save for us. I was highly impressed how easy it was.

The extension is called Coupon Cabin

**The little blue cabin button.

Some of you may have heard of Honey (I have a blog post about Honey), but this is different. 

Coupon Cabin is known for their cash back program.  Here is how it works...

Coupon Cabin's extension will pop up during checkout or right when you enter the website (depends on the site & your notifications).

You click "Activate Cash Back" and you're all set. Each website has their own cash back value. Such as 3% back, 6% back, etc. 

That is not all.

Coupon Cabin has other awesome features as well. They offer coupons to various stores either online or in store. Just click and print or use the given code.

**Take note there are 119 coupons for Target

Another feature is their 100% cash back deals. Yes! Sometimes hard to win and you can only redeem 1 every 30 days, but it is worth it. We claimed $50 back on $50 purchase at Petsmart.

How Do You Claim One?

You have to be one of the first 8 to click "Claim" before everyone else. Once the timer runs out the "Unlock Today" button changes into "Claim". Be the first one to click!


Coupin Cabin is definitely worth it to download and use while shopping online. It doesn't take a lot of time. It is straightforward and easy. I would suggest taking time to learn the rules, restrictions, and how to navigate the site. It will help you! 

Happy Shopping! 



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