Honey? A Personal Online Coupon Search. It Is VERY Sweet!

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Wouldn't it be nice to save money on every purchase online? It would be the perfect justification for buying an item online. Who doesn't love saving on purchases? If you don't like saving money, then this blog post isn't for you. 

I use to search the internet for hours looking for ONE coupon code to use for various sites. I didn't want to pay full price and knew their must be a code I could use! 

Well thanks to an online web extension, it finds codes online for you! Definitely a time saver for us all. 

Honey is a personal online coupon search! 

Click Here To Download ==> Honey App


So, How Does Honey Work?

When you install Honey, it will show up next to your browser search bar as shown below (the orange button).

 As you can see it shows 17 next to the honey button. The 17 represents how many codes have been are eligible on this website. The website I am using for my example is Target. 

Once you click the Honey button, a box will appear with all the codes available, new codes, and how long ago a code was used. 

Now, what about points back? 

After you purchase your item, you earn "Honey Gold" points. How much you earn on each purchase depends on how much you spent. 

Once you earn over 1,000 Honey Gold points you can redeem them. Each point is worth .01, so therefore 1000 is worth $10.00.

It may not seem like a lot, but for earning $10.00 for free just because I use their extension...I'll take it! 

Honey does it all for you! You don't have to worry about finding codes or entering purchases to get your points back. It will track it all for you. 

Bonus Feature

There is an awesome feature on Honey that I've used a couple times for Amazon purchases. 

Honey has a "Droplist". The list is for products you want to purchase, but Honey has noticed a trend is price raises and drops.

You add your products to the list (clicking the h+ button) and when the price drops, Honey will alert you via email. 

It is an awesome feature they've added to help customers get the best price for their products.

I've personally only used it for Amazon products. They are famous for price changes from week to week. I am unaware if it works for other sites as well. 


So, What Is My Final Verdict On Honey?

I will say it's not my favorite savings app or web extension because you don't earn a ton back, but like I said before, I'll take the free money back for my purchases.

I think if you're an avid online shopper and want things to be easy and simple, then Honey is definitely for you. Honey will do all the work for you. 

The more you purchase online, the more opportunity for savings and points back for you and your family. 



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